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Below are summaries of a few articles I wrote some time ago, which are currently hosted on FMLM’s website. For the full text, please follow the corresponding links within the summaries.


Our Iceberg is Melting – Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions

This is a book review where the author, John Kotter, illustrates his 8 step process of successful change through an allegory featuring penguins. It’s an enjoyable and accessible read – a very good place to start for any frontline healthcare professional with an interest in change management. I also wrote a follow-up article reflecting the contents covered by the book onto my own clinical practice at the time.


Medical students and trainees ‘fix bed-blocked hospital’ at the FMLM national conference

I designed and facilitated a workshop at the 2015 FMLM National Conference to a mixed-medical audience of 60 delegates. This article refers to the second part of that workshop, where groups had 30 minutes to examine a case study of a hospital experiencing winter pressures. They were tasked with identifying short and longer term solutions, and then pitched to the hospital’s ‘board’.


Team Sports and Team NHS

In the wake of ex-England cricketer Kevin Pieterson’s confrontational autobiography, I was struck by how failed team-working transcends different contexts. I reflected on how this can be applied to NHS settings in this article.


The universal electronic patient record – possible but improbable

After attending an event where technology was lauded as integral to the patient’s user experience (the healthcare UX), I reviewed previous attempts by the NHS to instigate universal electronic patient records, as well as examine what is being done now to attain this goal and how outcomes may be different. The article argues that aligned stakeholder engagement and appropriate investment are mandatory prerequisites to successful implementation of such a large IT project.


About this blog

About this blog

Clinical engagement is paramount to improving healthcare services within the NHS. To be able to do this, an understanding of the system, improvement methodologies and leadership skills are key. Through posts on this blog, I’ll look to highlight areas for discussion, but also offer suggestions to how we as healthcare professionals can exercise our skills in leadership and management to make a difference for our patients.

The Author


Kaanthan Jawahar is an academic old age psychiatry junior doctor in the East Midlands. He graduated from King’s College London in 2012, with degrees in medicine, psychology and war & psychiatry. His professional interests include translational research to inform commissioning, quality improvement, healthcare policy/politics and medical leadership and management.

He is currently seconded onto the National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow Scheme, hosted by NHS Improvement. He is also a specialist advisor for the Care Quality Commission, a peer reviewer for BMJ Quality Improvement Reports and sits on the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management’s Trainee Steering Group as the Events Lead.

This blog expresses his personal views and do not necessarily reflect those held by any of his affiliations.

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